DMU kit how many pickups are enough

DC Kits 101 with Hornby motor bogie.

Decided it is time to finish it, almost all done - except fitting roofs and a bit of painting.

Had 2 wheel diagonal pickups on the centre (motor) coach. TBSL

So decided to fit 4 wheel pickups to the corridor end bogies of both DMCL.

Do you think this will be enough?

The rubber wheels are out on the motor bogie

Bit tight for the wiring to add the leading bogies.

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When building locos I find that 4 pick-up points (2 on each side) in a rigid frame is insufficient because (I presume) such a frame acts like a three leged stool. I always try to add pickups to a floating or sprung axle so that there are always at least two pickup points per side touching the rails. More is better!

Regards, Greg.P.

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Greg Procter

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