Fleischmann DCC controller question?????

Hi all,
I've heard the Fleischmann 6822 and the 6802 are supposed to be pretty good
as I read about them in model rail magazine. The 6802 twin centre is £350
and the 6822 twin control is £195.
The Gaugemaster.co.uk seem to be the only site that sell them and the only
website I've found via google that have anything to do with them .
does anybody know what the difference is between the two units besides
price? The Gaugemaster site is a complete mine of information about them.
Trying to find a good DCC controller so checking all of them out.
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Think they are Uhlenbrock units, so google on them. You may need German to read most of the material. (Certainly used to be made by Uhlenbrock, though may have been a few subtle differences for the Fleischmann variant).
The Uhlenbrocks are excellent DCC controllers, very well regarded by many of my EU friends. The Daisy System can be a good system if you have a Sprog (or similar) for programming locos (Daisy can also be setup as an analogue controller, giving control arguably better than a Pentroller, which is handy as Pentrollers are now almost unobtainable). The full "Intellibox" is also superb. "Freds" are pretty good, though I prefer the Fremo kit examples for feel over the commercial Uhlenbrock models. If choosing commercial units, I'd take the Daisy over the Fred; the feel of the Daisy is better. The two are subtly different, sufficient to be annoying if using both.
- Nigel
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Nigel Cliffe

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