gronk problems

Hi there, i have just bought a hornby blue class 08 and have been running it
in for about half an hour, it was fine at first but now has started making a
very loud squeaking as if it was running dry. I have lubed it up to see if
it made a difference but it is still squeaking it looks as if it's running
tight as well cos it slows down when it squeaks. Does anybody have any
ideas, or does it need running in for a bit longer.
TIA Ben James
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Ben James
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"Ben James" wrote
Have you lubed the motor bearings? If so, and it's still squeaking, then take it back to where you bought it from and ask them to sort or replace it.
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John Turner
thanks John just finished doing that and i guess it must have been a dry mechanism from the factory cos it is running quietly now
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Ben James

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