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Model Rail seems to be losing it's way. Seems I am not the only one to have stopped buying it. Hornby mag added nearly 10% in the latest figures.

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I stopped buying it a while back. Since then, the publishers spammed me on a regular basis, and ignored my "unsubscribe" requests, so I doubt I'll be buying it (or anything else from that stable) for the foreseeable future.


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I do buy the odd copy if it has something of particular interest. I was about to get a subscription awhile ago but they did a review of Rolling Roads where they gave some inaccurate information about the Hornby unit. An email sent got a reply that was somewhat brusque the gist of which was that mine was a newer model and the reviewer was comparing things with an older model. I'm not that worried about a brusque email,it's partly the nature of the medium but I would have expected a review of competing products to use the current versions to be fair to the manufacturer. Maybe they did correct the information in a follow up but I did not notice any. Anyhow it made my mind up not to subscribe.


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