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I just bought the large pack of figures for a locomotive cab crew for BLI locos. I have both their light and heavy Mike and the C&O T1. Does anybody know how to remove the cab, or is there and easy way to install the figures without removing the cab? Thanks. Gene

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GM, I've not seen these figures but have generally added engineers and fireman figures with the cab already installed except in a few situations where there was no opening to get them through. This maybe best especially for some engineers if an arm is resting on the cab window sill. Use some longish tweezers to see if you can finesse the figures into place through the back or a cab window. Once positioned move them just a bit so you can apply a small amount of glue to their butt or feet. Use the kind of glue that takes at least a few seconds to set so you have a little time to position the figures the way you want them. Use a piece of brass wire or something like that to apply the glue and then nudge them into place with the other end of the wire. If you find that you can't manipulate the figures once they have been stuffed into the cab its no real big loss as you will be removing the cab to place them anyway. Bruce

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Bruce Favinger

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