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> > It's not on the Proto site yet.
> But the Krauts have been pretty much on the ball before.
Yeah, but the first photo is of a compeltely wrong locomotive- this one
shows one of the C&O's ex-Lehigh Valley 2-10-2s, which was not the
locomotive that Life-Like described. The second photo isn't quite right
for what was announced, either.
The situation with the Life-Like 2-10-2 is complicated.
* First, All American Trains listed the locomotive as the
Wabash/C&EI/C&O 2-10-2. These are not USRA 2-10-2s. On the C&O, these
were their class B-2 and B-3, #2000-2001, 2003-2005 and 4000-4001. On
the Wabash, they were its L-1 class, numbered 2501-2525. They had very
clean lines and comparatively little externally-visible piping. The
Wabash ones started out with a single sand dome ahead of the steam dome,
and later had a second one added between the steam dome and the cab.
* Then, AAT added the photos shown at
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The one shown at the top of the page is a very interesting looking
locomotive, but not the Wabash/C&EI/C&O 2-10-2 that Life-Like originally
announced. This is of one of the former Lehigh Valley 2-10-2s
#4060-4075- the Hocking Valley got these and renumbered them 130-145.
These later went off to the LS&I, the C&O, the Pere Marquette and to
Woodward Iron Co. On the C&O, they became its class B-1, with numerous
variations, but retaining the distinctive "twin kettle" domes up top,
and the Wootten firebox. These were numbered in the 2950 series.
The locomotive shown at the bottom of the page (Wabash 2523) is of the
correct series, but the ones which went to the C&EI and the C&O (former
Wabash #2509 and 2513) did not have the prominent externally-mounted
feedwater heater shown in the photo. Nor did most of the Wabash 2-10-2s.
* Recent conversations with the guy in my Historical Society who is our
liaison with Life-Like suggest that they are considering changing the
project to produce a USRA 2-10-2. He didn't say whether it would be the
"light" or the "heavy", though.
In short, this project is a little complicated, and AAT has muddied the
waters on this one with their choice of photos. If Life-Like goes with
their original plan, it won't match the photos on the AAT site, nor will
it be a USRA 2-10-2. If they make a USRA Light or a USRA Heavy design,
instead, the roadnames will have to be changed. In either case, the
locomotives won't match the photos on the AAT web site.
Webmaster of the Pere Marquette Historical Society, at
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Fritz Milhaupt
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Ooh, ooh! As much as I think the Wabash engines are a good choice for a model, I'd REALLY like to see a USRA 2-10-2 in the P2K range!
Light or heavy, I don't mind!!! :-)
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Mark Newton
It sure is. Roger's website is one of my favourite sources of inspiration.
I have it, Bruce, but I haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet. I had heaps of overtime and extended shifts, as a consequence I've done little more than take it out of the box and admire it. So far though, I'm very happy with it! :-)
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Mark Newton
I assume the heavy Mike. I like mine, for sure. Even thinking of getting a second one. Gene ABV61-1043.001.HCB
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"Skinny Dipping and Other Stories" On the web at
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and look for "Into Joy From Sadness" soon.
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