Southern Pacific - w/ UP and/or ATSF

A quick history of our model RR decisions/pursuits, and then some
related questions ...
A while back, we shifted our modeling preference from the upper east
coast to the west, southwest, and mid west region(s). The terrain for
modeling [10 years of residence in Santa Barbara], the engine paint
schemes, and the available model offerings were simply too tempting.
We decided to forgo concerns of era and railroad viability so we could
create a fictitious, model, railroad [still in the paper stage] that
allowed the ATSF, the BN, the Burlington, and the UP to interact
[exchange commodities via interchnages]. However, upon further exposure
to the many [HO Scale] steam engines available, we are also enamored
with the steam engine offerings of the SOUTHERN PACIFIC: specifically
the Cab Forward. Therefore, we'd like to add that steam engine to our
If I could purchase a BLI version w/o sound, I would do so. I am a
little surprised that BLI does not offer a version w/o sound much like
Atlas offers engines w/ or w/o DCC. It seems that our only choice is to
buy the Rivarossi model which has received favorable comments from owners.
*** 2-8-8-2 conclusion:
I am going to remove the lettering from our 2-8-8-2 and our 0-6-0 to
create unlettered possessions of both the ATSF and UP. They can share
the 2-8-8-2 as a coal hauler and/or a low priority freight hauler. It
can disappear and re-appear from hidden staging thus allowing it to
assume a new identity upon each showing. The 0-6-0 will assume a
switching assignment for the UP.
*** Union Pacific Fruit Train Express [PFE]:
Could we actually use a Southern Pacific CAB FORWARD for this role [era
not being a concern]? I ask because the most recent MR [1/04] has a Cab
Forward hauling a PFE in their large foldout.
*** The 0-6-0 steam engine:
Did either the UP or the ATSF have these in their inventory for yard
switching purposes?
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The Pacific Fruit Express company, from inception until the mid 80's (?) was wholly-owned 50-50 by the UP and SP, so the answer is "yes".
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Brian Paul Ehni
On Mon, 15 Dec 2003 20:18:27 UTC, Matt & Kathleen Brennan wrote: 2000
As pointed out PFE was jointly owned by SP and UP. During the steam era reefer trains were usually pulled by cab forwards (ACs). The AC was balanced for higher speeds and was used on passenger trains under certain circumstances.
FYI most of PFE's shipments originated in SP territory. There were growing/shipping seasons throughout the year. During these seasons (called campaigns) there was a lot of activity. In the steam era the cars would be collected from the packing houses by smaller engines (2-8-0 or 2-6-0) and assembled into trains. Typical fruit blocks were 100 reefers. These would run out of Salinas, the Imperial Valley, the Los Angeles area, Arizona and Texas. The ACs would be the usual power on the fruit blocks.
One of the best sources of information on the PFE is the book "Pacific Fruit Express" by Thompson, Church and Jones.
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Thanks you guys! I really appreciate your help!
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