Letraset - anyone used it on models?

As subject line ... assuming that I've spelt it correctly, anyone used Letraset rub-on transfers on plastic models, if so does it work and any tips?

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Chris Wilson
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"Chris Wilson" wrote

I used to use Kingsprint rub-on decals (same principle as Letraset) and they worked fine when fresh, but as they got older the adhesive would dry out and they'd become unusable. I always found they worked best if rubbed by a soft (4B) pencil rather than a biro or similar.


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John Turner

Cheers, I'll give them a try on my 'new', "Wilson's Engineering" PO fleet.

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Chris Wilson

Many times. One useful one is to paint the object in the lettering colour, apply Letraset, paint over with foreground colour, then lift the Letraset using a sharp knife. It's a tad fiddly but allows you to effectively have any colour you like.

If you apply the Letraset and leave it on, don't forget to varnish over it.

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Just zis Guy, you know?

I thought the idea was to gloss varnish the model after applying transfers and then spray the model with a matt varnish.....more time consuming but permanent.


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"Colin" <

If you apply dry print transfers, you want a matte surface.

If you apply water slide (Or equivalent) transfers, you want a gloss surface over which you later apply the matte finish.

-- Cheers Roger T.

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Roger T.

Chris Wilson"

I have, but I sort of cheated. I applied them to clear decal sheet, sprayed varnish over them and applied them just like waterslide decals.

-- Enzo

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