looking for 00 class 73

Looking for info on a class 73 in 00 kit or ready run

thanks Mike

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michael oram
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Ebay! The class 73 was one of Lima better models. I think Hornby have re-released it too with a better motor. Is that right John Turner?


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Robert Wilson

Have a look at

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for a new one apparently the motor runs better than the original Lima but can't pull as much. Perhaps someone else with one can enlighten us. Note that the body shell and bogies are the original Lima mouldings so not up to same standard as the other recent totally new models from Hornby, Bachmann and Heljan.


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On 04/06/2007 16:08, michael oram said,

I've just come back from collecting a rather large model railway collection to sell on eBay, and there is a Lima Class 73 (73-142 Broadlands) in there. It appears to be in mint condition, although I haven't had a chance to really check it out yet. (This collection completely filled the load area of a Mondeo, with the rear seats folded flat!)

If you're interested, have a look at completed listings on eBay and make me an offer via the feedback form on my website below!

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Paul Boyd

"Robert Wilson" wrote

Hornby have re-issued them with a 'different' motor - smoother & quieter, but unsure whether you'd class it as better overall. It certainly won't pull as much.


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John Turner

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