Mags: Railway Modeller, Model Railways, MRN, MRC, etc

This collection might suit a society library or someone looking for loads
of great modelling ideas. I'm having a tidy out and the attic joists
are groaning already !
So I've decided to keep my prototype mags from the 60s/70s/80s, and
dispose of the model ones. There is some brilliant information, scale
drawings from 1825 to 1985, and loads of ideas in them, but I just don't
have the space. Every detail of modelling, every scale and gauge, plans
of innumerable locos, stock, mainline junctions and branch line termini,
is here, and every modeller and model you've ever heard of.
I've got the following, which I'd love to pass on to anyone who will give
them a good home. They don't seem to go for much on Ebay so it's not
worth the hassle of listing them, especially since the postage would be
several times as much as they might fetch (do you know just how much
glossy paper weighs ? :-)). I will deliver within the approx
Chesterfield/Derby/Nottm/Leicester boundary.
Fair condition:
Vol 1 no.1, good except top RH corner of inside pages nibbled
(silverfish ?)
Good condition:
oct/dec 1955
nov/dec 1956
A few of these are poor (covers missing), most are fair to good, they
may have price or paper-boy's marks written on the cover:
jan/jun/sep/nov 1957
aug/oct/dec 1958
jul 1960
apr/may 1961
feb/may/aug/sep/nov 1962
feb/mar/may/jul/aug/oct/nov 1963
mar/apr/may/oct/dec 1964
mar/apr/jul/dec 1965
These are mostly good condition, a few have small tears in edges of a
page, one or two have four ring-binder holes in the spine:
jan/feb/apr/jun/jul/aug/sep/oct/nov/dec 1966
feb/mar/jun/jul/aug/oct/nov/dec 1968
complete years 1969 to 1974 in official blue binders with name on spine
complete years 1975 to 1977 unbound
jan/feb/jun/sep/oct/nov/dec 1978
jan/feb/apr/may/sep/nov 1979
jan/mar/"strike extra"/jul/aug/oct/nov/dec 1980
feb/may/jun/sep/oct 1981
mar/aug/sep/nov 1982
jan/mar/apr/may/jun/jul/aug/sep/oct/nov/dec 1983
jan/feb/mar/apr/may/aug/octnov/dec 1984
feb/may 1985
mar 1986
mar 1987
feb 1988
Similar dates of Modern Railways, MRC, etc not yet catalogued - will go
through them if anyone is interested !
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