Help, 10/67 Railway Modeller.

Hi all,

the 10/67 Railway Modeller has a drawing and article on the L&YR

2-4-2T. Can anyone out there do a scan of the artilce for me please,

I'm in model building mode but my copy is not in the box =3D8^O.

Regards, Greg.P. NZ

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"Greg.Procter" wrote in news:op.u3exgwxrt7a1n0 @promodel-5a9821:

That's an engine I'm also very interested in, if anyone can help Greg out I'd also very much appreciate a copy.

Thanks in advance

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Chris Wilson


I assume that your posting address is genuine and have sent you a scan.


I have removed .4rubbish but will this be enough for the scan to reach you?

If not, try to contact me direct at platform2 AT which may still work! I don't check it often.


Dave Westerman

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"Riddles" wrote in news:hdot0h$92e$


You got it spot on thanks, personal reply should have reached your inbox by now.

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Hi Dave,

yes I'm genuine! Don't promise 100% that the execise will result in a loco, but that is currently my intention. Seems there are several OO/4mm scale kits on the market, but I'm into

3.5mm scale. Having 1008 sitting at York both simplifies and complicates matters - I will have no excuse if I get anything wrong!

Many thanks. Greg.P.

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