Shifnal garden railway

Does anybody here know what has to become/is to become of the garden
layout situated just outside Shifnal, Shropshire? I've not been able to
glean much information about it save that the property was owned by a Mr
Robert Head and that the railway was operated by a society. I notice the
level of undergrowth continues to rise (can't always see the Royal
Albert Bridge as I drive past :-) ) and I wonder what the present
situation is?
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Dave Spencer
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As far as I can ascertain, the 'models' owned by Mr Head were auctioned some time ago, so I suspect the 'layout' lies moribund until the property is sold. The line was operated by a group which came from either Wellington or Wolverhampton, who, I believe, only brought their own stock to run on it. I never saw Mr Head or any of his models running when I visited some years ago on an organised visit. Indoors, was something of an Alladins cave, together with the layouts in the 'pub', it was quite a sight.
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Keith J Patrick
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Thanks for that, Keith. There's no sign of the property being for sale, in fact (I've passed it again today). I did think I could glimpse the top of the Royal Albert Bridge through the grass... I hope everything gets rescued in the fullness of time, as the odd picture I've seen of the line looked pretty inpressive.
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Dave Spencer

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