Railway Modeller c.1960-1961

Does anybody out there happen to have a copy of the Railway Modeller somewhere in the early 60's that featured Jum Russells 'Little Western' layout. I would be grateful for a copy of the article(s), for which all reasonable expenses would be met

keith patrick

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Keith J Patrick
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I don't have a copy, but I'd like one too. I'd also be willing to contribute to the costs.

Putting it up on the web is likely to violate copyright, alas.

Has anything else been published on the Little Western, BTW? I know the Buckingham articles have been collected. Maybe there would be a market for a "Great 4mm Scale Layouts" book of reprints from RM?


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Tim Illingworth

April 1962 Railway of the Month: The Little Western Railway

May 1962 Laying Little Western Track

June 1962 Scenery & Structures

July 1962 Control Circuits

I have all of these at home & a scanner. Since they are in black and white, I can probably get each article at the right kind of file size to e-mail to those who want it - I don't think this would violate fair use since they are not being re-published in any form, and they are being copied for research / non-profit reasons. If anyone has more experience on these matters, however, I would welcome them to reply to this thread. Assuming it is OK, I will send out copies by return of e-mail from this reply address (r.m.shemilt at durham.ac.uk), once I have scanned them in / optimised them etc.


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R M Shemilt


I've got all the Modellers for that period - I'll have a look and see what I can find. It means thunbing through them and reading the contents page, and that can be a dangerous exercise with plentty of opportunity for diversion onto other topics :-)


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Jim Guthrie

(Replying to one's own post in very bad form)

All now scanned in and ready for those who want them (subject to conditions of non-profit / research use that Fair Use entails).


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R M Shemilt

Would be grateful for a copy, I only go back to '65. Just delete NOSPAM from the From address. Thank you.


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Ken Parkes

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