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Finally arrived in quantity today, size is good 10 x 17 x 3,5, price is good
£8.29 at my local shop
2 function and 8 pin plug with harness about 75mm
2 digit address only 0 - 127
14, 28, 128 speed steps
1.0 amp peak, 500mA continuous
Info sheet says Address 0-255
But also on same sheet CV1 min-max locomotive address 1-127, so no
correlation here?
Only CVs 1,3,4 and 29 (bit 1 & 2) supported
Tried to read on DecoderPro and SPROG - fails to read in direct and paged
Also on ESU programmer - fails to read
Lenz 100 set on programming track - fails to read error 02 but motor pulses
Can not write address in direct mode but OK in CV mode (changed from 3 to 4)
Programming on main works OK but of course you can't change the address.
Hornby sheet says conforms to NMRA standards (not the same as NMRA approved)
Now I'm no Hornby knocker (very small shareholder) but this simply will not
Norman Clymer
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