My new spraybooth

I have now finished version 1 of the spraybooth. Things to do: try
using only one fan, produce a decent bearing surface for the bearings
supporting the edge of the turntable, cover the turntable with Formica
or something, use something like pond filter to try to reduce the
paint load before air hits the main filters, improve the airtightness
of the various components, other sundry refinements. But overall: it
works, and actually rather well.
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Just zis Guy, you know?
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"Just zis Guy, you know?" wrote in news:
Very nice indeed, the lights you're using ... 'daylight' or bog standard flurescent?
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Chris Wilson
On 24/02/2007 18:27, Just zis Guy, you know? said,
Is that the compact desktop model? Seriously, it looks a really nice job. I really must get mine built up one day. I've got the fans, I've got the box, I've got some filter material, but I haven't got any round tuits at the moment :-)
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Paul Boyd
On or around Sat, 24 Feb 2007 19:14:13 +0000, "Just zis Guy, you know?" enlightened us thusly:
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only trouble with tubes is you have to order 6 at a time for packing reasons. The Low raretl "daylight" bulbs are quite good though.
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Austin Shackles
The message from "Just zis Guy, you know?" contains these words:
"It's not like spraying paint inot a hoover,"
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Guy King
I am sorry to have to say this, and I do not wish to sound rude, but it looks like an explosion waiting to happen !
This pdf file, although designed for industry, may be of help
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If you can get hold of a copy of February 1993 Model Railroader Mag - Paint Shop or the January 1988 MR - Paint Shop these apparently have more details.
You want a fan that doesn't pass the fumes through the motor like what they call a 'Squirrel Cage Blower' ( looks similar to the fan they use on top of domestic gas boilers ).
Talking of danger have you seen this
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Dragon Heart

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