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After adding representatives of the Bachman std-5 and std-4 tank to my collection, I have been wondering about the following variations on a theme of standard steam loco's:

Given that there was commmon running gear between the Britannia and Clan pacific classes, does anyone know if there are kit(s) available to convert a Hornby Brit to a Clan?

Is there a casting of a double chimney anywhere to modify a Mainline/Bachmann std-4 4-6-0?

Given that the Airfix/Dapol kit of the std-4 2-6-0 is still avaiable, is there a kit to replace the wheels/motion and to motorise one.

TIA .... Derek Robinson

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Derek Robinson
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You could have a look at

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You might find what you want in the loco chassis section.

Regards, Brian

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Brian McMahon

Crownline probably did a Clan conversion kit,dunno whats happened to their stuff. Bachmann themselves made a double chimney version of the 4MT 4-6-0. Branchlines of Exeter do a motorising and detailing kit for the Airfix/Dapol

2-6-0 kit.


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