Old Model Railroader magazines

I have a large number of back issues of MR going back through the 60's,
70's and 80's with a small number from the 50's and earlier. I would like to
get rid of them because I have finally given up on the idea of building a
model railroad after about 45 years of trying ( lack of space, time, etc.).
I live in the UK and the local NMRA weren't interested as they had one copy
of everything and only wanted to fill the gaps. Individual MRs don't go for
much money on EBay and they cost a lot to ship, especially to the States.
If someone in the US or the UK wants some, part, all and is willing to pay
the postage or collect then they can have them. I am happy to split. Please
let me know - e-mail to snipped-for-privacy@totallyobjects.com . I still need to type up
the full list of issues and a rough idea of their condition (some are poor
without covers - most are good with the later ones being first class).
I have a whole stack (14) of UK Model Railway books - mostly Wild Swan -
which have just gone on EBay - my seller name is penningd so if you are in
the UK have a look.
I have 16 Model railroading books going onto EBay.com in US$ tomorrow. These
will include Linn H Wescott's book on John Allen (softback) and an original
TAT IV Transistorised controller construction manual from 1972. Check them
Looking forward to hearing from you
David Pennington
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