OT: PC-Rail signalling simulation software.

Is there anyone else using (or trying out the evaluation versions) of
the PC-Rail Power box simulation series, if so do you find that some
locations are 'buggy', such as throwing up an error because a train
missed it's station stop but were the user had no control over even
holding the train at a signal or if allowing for traction failures
that one can re-couple recently un-coupled stock (and thus cancel the
failed service) or use a following train to propel the failed train?
I also think that the software should take care of scheduled
un-couplings, or at least allow it as an option.
I'm considering buying a couple (or more...) of the locations but the
more I use the evaluation versions the more I feel that the software
doesn't seem to allow many options that would be available to a real
train/signal operatives. Are there any other signalling simulators
around to try out as comparison?
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I have used a number of the paid for versions courtesy of a friend and found very few problems, although there are silly things that I have had to ask him about. He has always known the answer though. Brighton or York are nice ones to start on and Norwich puts you to sleep because it has such long gaps between trains. Kings Cross seems to be a total impossibility. On the hole I reckon they are great fun and value for money.
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Keith Willcocks
Sorry but that should have been '...can't re-couple recently...'
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Yes -
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- not as user friendly as PC-Rail, but 99% accurate representations of real signalling systems and its free, and you get the whole signalbox (Kings Cross goes right out to Huntingdon) and you can multi-play via the web and link simulations together - e.g. Kings Cross - North London Line.
regards HN28
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Cheers, will have a look, although not tonight - I'm still recovering from PC-Rails 'Lewisham' simulation!
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