Pit Headgear

Can anybody please send photos / diagrams of pit headgear.


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Not me. But at the K&WVR yesterday I did see a book called something like "Modelling Aspects of the Coal Industry" (?) which had some diagrams, photos and modelling notes.

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Arthur Figgis

You'll find 15 images if you go to

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click on 'images' option, put pit headgear in the box and do a search.


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Alan P Dawes

A lot depends on the size of the mine, the head gear we usually see in pictures is big stuff, smaller mines had correspondingly smaller head gear. For a model railway one dodge is to have the headgear sticking out of the roof of the picking shed (this was done at some mines). Can you give more info on what you want, when it is set and how much room you have?

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Of course, you could always take your camera with you and photograph the remaining examples as someone else drives you along the A-road between Pontypridd and Ystrad in the Rhondda valley.

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John Sullivan

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