Re: AMRA Hurstville Exhibition

I have just returned fom the exhibition. The new venue, looks about

>the same size as the old one, parking not quite as good, but from what >I can gather there were more through the front door than last year. >This was confirmed by a couple of retail stores where most were doing a >thriving business.

I certainly hope Lloyd and Norma (Lloyd's Model Railways - which is officially closing down after tomorrow's day of the exhbition) do a roaring trade this weekend! After supporting our hobby for so long with many excellent products they deserve to go out with a big bang! I hope the two of them enjoy a happy 'retirement'.

Unfortunately I probably won't get to the exhibition due to work (working early AM's), no money to spend (!), and not feeling up to hoarding my four kids (all under 10) around the venue, but Monday's are traditionally the slowest day so that'll be the aim if I decide to go.

I beleive this new location is one that has more of an opportunity to >attract passer by's, & being part of a large aquatic centre & I think >it could attract families who go to the Aquatic centre

That's certainly one good point - it's a highly visible, fairly new and much 'cleaner' venue.

I must admit that I had reservations at the location but having visited >I think it has more prospects than Liverpool. It reaches a completely >new area, & as I waited for my personal taxi to pick me up, I was asked >by many people what the show was about.
8-) Good way to publicise the event! Besides the serious lack of on-site parking (which means the local streets are going to be overcrowded with parked cars), the venue has plenty of things to give it merit over the aging and very ugly Whitlam Centre.



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