Re: any more news re the AMRA exhibition at Hurstville?

What do you want to know?

>Its on. >Hurstville Aquatic Centre. >Sat-Sun 9 to 5, Mon 9 to 4. >Park anywhere you can in surrounding streets.

This will be the biggest problem - does AMRA have any alternative venues in consideration for next year? Unless the Whitlam Centre can be used again something like the convention centre at Homebush might be the right choice given it's central location and excellent facilities. Probably an order of magnitude more in hiring cost compared to Liverpool though, but it's got to be much cheaper than using the Darling Harbour convention centre.

Admission $10, I think. >Vintage buses from Hurstville station. >A pleasant and not -too-arduous walk from Penshurst station. >Usual commercial stands. >I believe Lloyd's is making last appearance. >Might be a little bit squeezy, but as many quality layouts as can be fitted >in.

Understandable given the smaller size of the venue.

Awards will be at the clubrooms, not at the venue. Chance to try out the new >purchases on the club layout. >Anything else?

Not that just about covers it - thankyou very much for the info Bill.

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What about Sutherland Basketball Stadium? It has two double basketball court stadiums and a reasonable amount of off-street parking. It's close to the station and the tramway museum could run all weekend instead of those awful buses.

This venue is used for a major home improvement show every year and draws huge crowds.

It's also very close to home for me.


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