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"Stephen Dance" wrote:
>>> I have a Hornby Class 29 (I know, comiserations taken!) and
>>> would like to turn it into a Class 22 - I just do!
>>> How much difference is there externally and is there/do I
>>> need a conversion kit?

>> Lots of differences - side griles, bogies, spoked wheels on the 22,
>> overall length - I think the 22 is considerably shorter.
>> I have an A1 conversion kit in the drawer, waiting for a rainy day.
>> I have seen one of these built up and it looks pretty good.
>> No doubt others will add more info - I'll be watching and saving it all!
> I used a Class 22 A1 conversion kit on a Class 29 back in the days
> before I converted to N, and it went together quite easily.
> Basically you file the details on the 29's bodyside flush, cut it two and
> remove about an inch (AFAI remember) of it. The 2 halves of the body
> are then rejoined and brass overlays for the sides and roof applied (using
> Super Glue, or my favourite, EvoStick). You will of course need to totally
> respray the model.
> New cosmetic bogie sideframes are supplied to replace the different
> pattern used on the 29.
Sorry to drag up a six year old thread! But are these kits still
available? A quick google draws a blank.
I've seen a few class 22's come and go on eBay, all at quite high
prices, and mostly seeming to be Silver Fox jobs.
However, I've always thought that the large grill on the body side
spoiled the looks of these little machines, but I've recently found
the following picture which shows a 22 without the big grill:
formatting link

Does anyone do a kit that would represent this variant, and can anyone
shed any light on how many of the class where treated like this? Was
it a change made to a few machines at a certain time, or a few
odd-balls (or perhaps the first 'prototypes'?) done this way from new?
Note also the unusual livery.
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Dunno about the 22s, but some of the 21s (Pilot Scheme batch ?)were built with small grills as in your pic, then altered later. Nice pic of the pway bus !
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My references seem to show two sizes of grill, there were two versions of the class with different bhp ratings, 1,000 (D6300 - 05) and 1,100 (D6306 - 6357), from what I can deduce from the number series and images I *suspect* that the first six loco's had the smaller grills.
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don't bother trying to convert the 21/29 to a 22... much too much work and a lot of scratching the missing bits.
Instead, get a kit in 2,3 or 4mm whatever you want from here:
formatting link
even though this is the N page, They will produce any kit in any of the above 3 scales. Judging by the quality of the 'N' 22, I can only imagine the 4mm will be just as fine - takes a class 20 chassis with ease. For 4mm, I would spend time replacing the wheels with spoked though it doesn't show on N
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Unlikely I think - I've found around 30 images of 22's online (I never got to any of these 'in the flesh', before my time) and this is the only one I've found with this arrangement, I find it hard to believe I've 29 shots of one side and just one of the other! :-)
Sounds reasonable - interesting though if that is the case, that one of the first six received a nice rail blue paint job (summer '67 onward?) but all of this batch were withdrawn by May '68...
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Not really, at the time corporate (rail) blue was being applied to all loco's (and MU stock) as they past through 'works' (often with undue haste), it's quite possible that the above loco received some attention at either a workshop or running shed so was repainted at the same time. The decision to 'standardise' the loco fleet IIRC was taken in about late '67 or early '68, I suspect that the 'pilot' loco's were withdrawn as and when a major fault (read, workshop attention) was required.
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Looking in "The Western's Hydraulics", the sides aren't quite the usual mirror-images; the door arangements are different.
This is indeed one of the first batch - there are other minor differences, such as the air intakes over the centre of the cab front, above the windows.
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