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I'm looking to buy a kit to model a Scotrail DBSO, converting from an Airfix mk2 I bought second hand a wee while ago (the correct mk2, whatever it is). Both Hurst models and A1 Models seem to do DBSO kits, but I don't know which one to go for, and after some searching the web and google groups, am not really any further forward, apart from I now know where to buy either kit. Hence, I have some questions, before I blindfold myself and jump in head-first! :-)

Are they both whitemetal and does this make them hard to assemble? - I've never used whitemetal before, only plastic kits (wagons and aircraft)

How do the kits compare, in terms of how easy/complicated they are?

The Hurst kit is for the Anglia-style DBSO, so I'd need to put a corridor connection on, and blank it off. It can't be that simple... can it? (I know theres an air-con vent or something somewhere... not that I've personally noticed it!) I'm no rivet counter, so as long as it looks about right, that'll do me!

Assuming the coach I have is complete as it is (runs fine, has couplings, etc) is there anything else I'd need to complete the kit, apart from paint, time, and the usual modelling tools?

Is there anything else I should be aware of, or am I one wagon short of a coal train for thinking of trying this in the first place!?!



PS - while I'm here, the 'executive dark grey' that Hornby painted their Scotrail 47 and IC 125 in, is far too light isn't it?

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I've completed the Hurst Models kit, and it is surprisingly easy to construct.

Not sure about the A1 kit, but the Hurst kit came in three pieces for the cab, all of which fitted perfectly with a dapol intercity Mk2 brake coach (Hattons have been selling these off cheap for £9 each recently). There was also a replacement aircon unit, and brass windscreen wipers included in the kit.

I've had the opportunity to have a close up look at an Anglia DBSO when one was in our yard for wheel turning, and the kit does do a good job at re-creating it, having said that, I'm not really a rivet counter myself either...

A razor saw and some patience! I never realised how thick the plastic sides to a coach were! Don't forget your glasing for the outer windows.


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