Single track goods shed

We found an old 'OO' single track goods shed on a 2nd hand stall which
I thought would be ideal for our son to paint but I do not know the
manufacturer or the 'true' colours.
As I said it is only a single track shed with two roof lights in the
centre of the roof. The roof itself has two internal trusses. It has
four arched windows on the track side. The canopy over the loading
dock is solid. The loading dock looks like it should have two sliding
doors but only has one.
The line side openings look to need a sliding door but are missing.
Pedestrian access to the loading platform is via two open stairs,
again line side.
The building itself has a brick design with what looks like a timber
arch / panel over the track openings
Any suggestions ?
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Dragon Heart
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If you mean the colour of brick, then another fascinating study as to who built what for whom wot depends on when. Some companies made their own bricks but not untill ... year. Simplest is to look at photos of similar structures of a similar age in the region you are modelling. Cant be faulted except with detailed pedantic research. :-)
cheers, Simon
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