Goods Sheds

Typical goods shed at a minor or branchline stn up to the Beeching era,
single storied with room for 2 to 4 wagons/vans inside.
I have seen a couple of photos though of (I believe Amberley and one on the
L&Y system somewhere) where without any increase in the size of the floor
plan a second floor has been added, at Amberley it looks like a warehouse
has been stuck on top and the L&Y one appeared to contain offices.
I just wondered how widespread this practice was, baring in mind I'm not
talking about the large warhouses at important distribution points, just
the smaller facility.
Reason for asking, I'm thinking of building something similar for my
layout, 3 or 4 wagon shed, outside transfer to a second line wih two
additonal floors, 1st floor as a warehouse and second floor as officies.
Just wondered if anyyone had any pics lying around.
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Chris Wilson
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No pics myself but unlike Amberley (now sadly long since demolished) there is still a two storey goods shed probably of the same design in existence at Arundel, one stop down from there.
Its used by a builders merchants now but can be easily viewed from the south end of the up platform and it is still in largely original condition bar a few patch ups here and there.
Regards John M Upton
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Cheers, a google on 'Arundel goods shed' got me some good pics, cheers.
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Chris Wilson

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