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Hello all, I have a 5 inch gauge class 37 from Bexhill model engineering and am toying with the idea of getting a sound module for it, has anyone come across one up and running and are they any good?

Thanks for any help.

My attempt at a garden railway can be found at:-

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I'd suggest you ditch the batteries and replace them with some kind of infernal combustion engine driving a generator. Then you'd have your sound effects.

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Jane Sullivan

You might want to enquire in as it's unlikely anyone here has experience of sound modules in your chosen scale.


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"kim" wrote

If it's a proprietary sound generator module, I'd have thought the scale isn't significant - you just rig it up to a bigger amp and speakers inside the body for a more convincing noise! At least in a 5" gauge loco you've got enough "boom box" space to make it sound like an EE engine instead of an electric can opener.

I've ridden behind a 10.25" gauge 37 powered by a lawnmower engine, and at a ME show saw a diesel loco of serious size (7.25" or 10.25" gauge) where the builder had actually made a scale working diesel engine (4-cyl I think) to run inside it. Oh and I've briefly driven the real thing (D6732) on the North Norfolk Railway from Weybourne to Sheringham. Only light engine and mostly downhill, but it's quite an experience...

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