Still trying to remove the casing

I've used cardboard as suggested. I've also located the exploded diagram
on the Hornby web site. (This is all related to a class 121 Bubble Car).
But the casing still wont separate from the chassis.
The exploded view seems to show 6 locating lugs and I think I've got them
all disengaged.
What Hornby don't tell you is that the exhaust pipes also unclip from the
body (I've discovered how to do that). But I'm still struggling. The
issue now seems to be the interface (if I can call it that) between the
buffer beam and the chassis. That seems very tight and I don't have a tool
that is narrow enough to get into it easily. I'm beginning to feel that
brute force (applied gently and progressively) may be the answer but if
anyone has some further suggestions I would be grateful.
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Graham Harrison
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"Graham Harrison" wrote
I suspect you're being too careful with it; there is certainly a need for some force, which is how I broke the footstep on mine.
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John Turner
"Graham Harrison" wrote in message news:
Well, I was wrong. The lugs are actually behind the buffer beam and correctly shown on the Hornby schematic. What I had thought were the lugs are the ones that hold the seats into the chassis.
And, John, you were right, a bit more force was needed (maybe some explosive would have helped Alan but I didn't go that route). Once that was realised it all came appart (reasonably) easily, the DC "chip" has been replaced with a ZTC DCC chip and loc 3 is now loco 91!. Getting the body back on was another struggle but it's all complete. Just a few repairs such as the step to do. It's a learning curve!
Many thanks for the support and advice.
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Graham Harrison

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