UK Passenger cars in 1:120 TT scale... ?

Hi group... ...who can may help ? I'm looking for passenger cars in 1:120 TT scale with UK prototype. who is in TT scale in this group ? who knows a manufacturer who builds and sells this passenger cars ? thank you all for your help...

...yes, I need the cars for a NZ120 project ;-))

greetings from Switzerland... steve w.

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"Steve Wiedmer" wrote

In the UK, TT normally means 3mm/ft on 12mm gauge, not 2.54mm/ft. It the HO/OO thing all over again, just scaled down a bit.

I used to model in this gauge, using Triang stock on GEM track + various kits.

AFAIK, nobody produces ready to run UK prototypes but there is a fair bit of Triang available second-hand, I still have most of mine.

There is however good support in the form of kits e.g. see

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But 2.54mm/ft UK prototypes RTR, sorry never seen any.

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