Wanted - Tri-ang or Hornby spare bits

I'm having trouble getting hold of a spare R/H coupling rod for my Tri-ang 'Jinty'; and have tried various shops to no avail. If anyone has a spare rod (or pair of rods) or a duff chassis that could be cannibalised for bits, please drop me a line. I'm also on the lookout for a spare driving wheel set for the L1/2P 4-4-0 chassis, colour unimportant, and not too bothered whether they're the nickel-plated variety or not. The final 'want' on the list is a Tri-ang 0-4-0 chassis of the 'Nellie'/starter set loco variety for a scratchbuilding project; doesn't have to be a runner as I have a spare X04 motor at home to provide the 'go'. As long as the chassis block, wheels (or even just the axles), coupling rods and gear wheel are present, that's the main thing - happy to consider a chassis on its own or complete loco. Will pay a sensible price for the above items inc. mainland UK postage, or can collect in person if in the Leeds area. If you might be able to help re. any of the above, e-mail me at deb107(underscore)york(at)btinternet(dot)com rather than the Yahoo address shown.

Thanks in advance, David Belcher

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Make one. Tack solder or CA-glue the existing one to a strip of nickel silver, file the strip to match, drill holes to match, unsolder/dissolve CA glue (use acetone.) Bingo. NB that RH and LH rods are the same... HTH

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Wolf Kirchmeir

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