Well I've done it again ...

Got within an ace of finishing my layout and torn it up ...

... so onwards and upwards with Mk6.

The new plan being a twin track roundy-roundy, junction with a single line branch at a small station with a narrow gauge feeder coming in from the opposite direction to the branch.

(Almost just like the last one - even down to location and period)

But owing to a change in financial circumstances I now have the cash to invest in a brand new all singing all dancing DCC system ...

I plan to run the standard gauge and the narrow gauge of the same controller(s) so whatever I get has to have sufficient power available for both parts of the layout - garage 16'x9' works out at several hundred feet of track all told with a likely maximum of 4 engines in steam at any one time.

Also looking at the possibility of computer control and eventually incorporating the signals and points on the DCC side of things although initially they will be conventionally operated.

Suggestions please ...

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Chris Wilson
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DCC doesn't care about the layout area - only about current draw and to a small extent how that is achieved.


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Greg Procter

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