Wheel depth - Nostalgia and another question.

Saw the thread about wheel depths and I had the same problem. Just come back
to railway modelling after nearly forty years. Well 'come back' may be
something of a misnomer. As I recall I tended to use my Triang layout -
lovingly built by my father - more as a Scalextric set albeit with trains
and as a battle ground for my Airfix OO/HO figures and tanks.
I am building a small DCC layout at the moment with the new Hornby digital
stuff and quite happy with it. I did mainly for reasons of nostalgia, buy a
Triang Princess loco and a Triang Jinty on EBay plus I have also managed to
buy very cheaply nearly all the old rolling stock that I used to have.
At the moment most of it is either in a 'dead' siding or not on the layout.
I have a question about the old rolling stock - surely that can be cheaply
adapted to new wheel sets? I see that Hornby sell them.
.and no I did not try and run the old Triang Loco's on the layout with DCC!
I initially had the track work set up with a DC controller but had the same
problems with modern points.
Hey I am even ballasting track this time around so I must be serious.
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I have a number of older wagons from various manufacturers, which I have fitted with current Hornby wheelsets and Kadee couplings. One of them is a black NCB coal wagon with the imprint "Tri-ang Made in England". I don't know when it was made; Tri-ang became Triang-Hornby in 1964, although I believe stock from both companies' moulds was sold for some time.
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Hi Martin, R102 N.C.B. Mineral Wagon (Silver Seal Wagon) No. 3471 The wagon was produced by Hornby Railways and not Tri-ang Hornby between 1973 & 1977. The standard 12' 0" chassis X358 was used by both companies and dates from 1963. This was used on many models by both companies.
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Thanks, Wilson. That's the one. I didn't think any of my stock dated from before the 1970s. It was mostly acquired in the 1990s.
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