220 breaker needs?

Hi I am new to welding and have picked up a Forney Industries Arc Welder.
The model Number is F230 and I am looking for information on this welder. I
am going to contact the company in the next few days, but I know how helpful
people in the industy can be. I am also looking for what I need as far as
wiring a new 220 receptacle and the breaker I might need. The maximum
primary amps is 40 and the welding ranges is 25-230 amps. TIA.
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I have a Miller 225 stick machine and it has a maximum primary current rateing of over 50A. I never run it over 200A and am usually under 140A so I don't draw the max primary current. I run it on a 40A breaker with #8 wire - this is the regular size breaker for #8 wire. I never have any tripping problems even with the rod stuck to the work.
The manufacturer should have a spec for the primary side requirements but this will account for being able to run the welder at maximum power and I wouldn't be surprised if they specified #6 wire and a 50A or larger breaker. Naturally, a lot of people will tell you that if you are going to put in a circuit put in bigger than you need so you can handle future requirements without having to tear the old one out which is a waste of money. There is some truth to this but sometimes the extra capacity is never used. However, the extra cost for the wire would be minimal and the breaker is likely to cost the same. Biggest pain is running the heavier wire since it is less flexible.
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