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Yesterday couldn't get 6010 to do what done before.

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The full-pen 5mm square-edge seam welds.

FWIW - these years later, I intended to weld some like shown in sketches in linked page, do RT (radiography) and UT (ultrasonics) then do some 4T bend tests (so that would be over a 20mm bar welded to a plate support) - especially over any defects showing up on RT and/or UT. Just as a matter of interest about how good these welds are.

Using Bohler Fox cel 6010 - which is a good rod (?) and what I used in boatyard those few years ago.

Could not penno. the joint - no way - would not happen no matter what I tried.

A test...

The welding machines available (two inverters available) would not do the "test" of pushing a 2.5mm dia rod through a 12mm / half-inch plate. The one where you press the rod in one place and if the welding machine is good with cellulosics you can "drill" right through the plate. In the boatyard there were "tombstone" copper-and-iron AC stick machines on the quay and had a separate rectifier by the welding on the hulls. That setup - with the "drilling" test you'd have burned less than half the 2.5mm rod when it was speared right through the 12mm plate.

These inverters I was using yesterday - both ran beautiful smooth welds open-arc - I'd got self-peelers from the start with 6013 - and really nice

6010 open-arc - could have done the fillet corner all day with that set-up

- but try touching-down and it couldn't do it...

What is it with these welding machines and how do you choose one for 6010 which will do the drag / force-against technique?

Richard Smith

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The new inverter machines have much 'better' current control than the old transformer based machines, so that when you shorten the arc the current does not increase nearly as much. I put 'better' in quotes because this behavior is not necessarily an improvement from the point of view of the person doing stick welding, and in my view the power supply droop (current dependency on voltage) should be adjustable on inverter machines so that you can mimic the performance of a transformer machine when desired.

Glen Walpert

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Glen Walpert

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