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which way does the white and black hot wires go on to the welder power supply with the green on the side.brand spanking new don't want to screw up.

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Bruce Blake
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Being a Scot, I don't actually know the precise details of the technology you leftpondian Americans and/or Canadians use.

However that doesn't actually matter, the answer for someone who doesn't know is the same both sides of the Atlantic. Seriously, not kidding about that.

You will need three bottles of non-crap beer and a friend who knows what he's doing. You take the extension to him, have a beer each while he wires it, then leave the third beer with him.

You may have a problem finding a friend who knows what he's doing, and I can't help there. More likely, you may have a problem finding non-crap beer in the USA or Canada.

It does exist, I have had decent beers in both countries, but start with the idea that any well-known domestic brand is almost certainly crap.

I'd try either a microbrewery of your choice, or imported beer - preferably from Belgium, Czechoslovakia, or Germany. If someone is going to the trouble of importing beers from there, they are probably good enough.


-- Peter Fairbrother

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Peter Fairbrother

Microbreweries have been popping up all over the USA in the last few years. So many new ones that the USA has now almost as many breweries as existed just prior to Prohibition. There are many good and excellent beers being produced here now. Fortunately for me I live in the Pacific Northwest on an island that is fairly close to Seattle. This location is sort of central to many good beer producers. In fact, I can walk on the ferry and when I get to the mainland walk a couple hundred feet to a good microbrewery. Eric

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Is it a 120 volt circuit? If it is a 220 volt circuit , both the white and black are hot,


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Must be different with the quality of micro breweries in Texas, at least in the San Antonio area. A mate worked there for a few weeks and then some of his colleagues came to the UK in return and he couldn't keep them away from the fine local brews, they raved about them and drank them. The difference maybe that many had their recipes honed over a 100+ years. I left the US in 1982 and IIRC a few micros were starting up then but it has kicked off big time since then from what I have read.

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David Billington

If it is 120 volt, then White is Neutral and Black is Hot.

If it is 220 volt then it doesn't matter. Both legs are hot.

Green is always your ground.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Well, if it's 240V and you are using a 3 wire cord, the white wire should be marked as a hot phase lead, generally with red tape to avoid future confusion.

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Pete C.

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