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I have a question about unscrewing tips from mixers for airco style torches.

These links show pictures of the tips I'm working with:

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(smaller file)

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(bigger file)

The genuine 'Airco' tip in the picture unscrews just like you would expect.

The other tips are from someone else, maybe NTT, made to fit whichever Airco torch. I can't unscrew the tips from the mixers in the 2 examples in the picture. I would really like to, as I could use other tips in the mixers, but they don't want to come apart.

So I'm thinking there is either some kind of thread sealer in there, or the tips are press fit into the mixers. I would like to unscrew them if that will work, but I don't want to destroy the assembly trying to get it apart.

Does anyone know how to get these apart if they are threaded?


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Sometimes the tip (called a "blowpipe" ) is silver soldered or swaged into the base.

These guys sell aftermarket tips for everybody's torches.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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