Can I stick weld with TIG only Inverter

I have recently bought via ebay a TIG 200A Inverter machine only to find when it arrived there is no facility for Stick welding.Its a TIG only, with + earth fitting, gas outlet,and torch screw-in fitting.

Is there a safe conversion I can do That will allow me to turn this welder into a stick machine....

I already own a TIG machine that can do both TIG and Stick , but I wanted to set this new welder up as a stick and the original as a TIG (on trolley with bottle) as it is a much more controlable machine.

Can anyone provide info or help with this problem....


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The short answer is yes. They both use a CC (Constant Current) power. If both leads can be disconnected you Just need to move the ground to the - terminal, and hook the stinger to the + terminal. Don't turn on the gas valve or you will be wasting Argon.

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Mike Swift

Hi Mike ,

No it will not have a gas bottle hooked up to it . I just wanted to keep it strictly for stick welding.

I'm not sure just as to how I would hook up the electrode lead , or if I can add a dinse fitting to it,... in place of the tig gun fitting.... It is a really basic machine ..... please take a look at an ebay site displaying a similar machine....

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the tig fitting in the middle has 2 fine pins .....( my other tig has

4 pins ) .... , could I open up the box and replace this with a dinse bayonet ..???

Any comments would be gratefully received Greg

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