Failed weld the cause of NYC crane collapse?

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Investigators now believe that the rebuilt turntable wound up in a
tower crane involved in a fatal accident at 91st Street and First
Avenue on May 30, according to NationsBuilders Insurance Services, the
insurer for the crane owner. In that accident, a weld in the rebuilt
turntable apparently failed, causing the top of the crane to break
away and fall on a 23-story building across 91st Street, killing two
workers. It was the kind of disaster that city officials had feared
might happen on 46th Street last year.
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A failed weld MAY have been ONE of the causes of the accident, but the practices of the inspector did not help.
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And to add, Critical items that can cause loss of life require multiple backup systems to prevent. The turntable might not have backups, but something should have prevented total failure.
One of the serious issues is that 43% of all cranes are in UAE, Dubai while 37% are in China. You know how many are in ROW and just how many and of what quality are left.
The steel is going to Dubai and China. The cranes (new and best) are in UAE & China.
Reference : EETimes
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Dubai: from sand to silicon. Good for them really - they have moved their economy such that oil is 3% GDP. Dubai has 70% of the GDP.
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