Filling Burn-through holes

Welding some 3/8 steel rods to 1/16th steel table legs, using MIG, I got a
bit of burn-through... I know, I'm learning ... less power, better
technique, etc (I did a couple other projects just fine)..
Question is: What is the best way to fill the holes to make it aesthetically
pleasing?? I feel like it is structural sound for the purpose.
I thought about heating and applying bronze brazing rod as fill and then
grinding it all down...
Suggestions ??
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Jeff Klein
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Additional info: The legs are square tube (about 2 inch with thin walls), so a backing plate won't work ...... :-((
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Jeff Klein
Concentrate you welds on the 3/8 rod until the built up weld starts to meet the 1/16th wall. Just one or two secons of welding is all you should do otherwise the heat will build up and you will lose control so to speak. When welding thick to thin you need to weave concentrating the weave on the heavier material and washing over toward the thin material to tie it in. .035 wire ??? Low setting on your machine is important. Best of luck, Randy
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Randy Zimmerman
I'm a rank newbie at Welding.. but.. :)
You can use your MIG to fill holes by gradually filling in the hole by laying down filler material with your MIG welder, you can weld every decreasing circles around the hole then grind back when you're finished..
Alternatively.. you could always bog it :-)
Duncan. Adelaide, South Australia.
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If you need to fill a hole quickly, hand feed a length of TIG filer rod into the MIG arc. It will fill a hole really fast.
If you just want to use the MIG, then you will have to learn to "spackle".
To spackle a hole, pulse the trigger very quickly and place blobs of weld metal around the edges of the hole. Try to keep the heat down in any one area by alternating sides around the hole. As you do this the hole will start to shrink until it is filled in completely. Mind you that the other side of this patch will look really ugly. It also puts an enormous amount of heat into the area and can cause warpage.
I like to use the TIG filler rod trick. It is quicker and cleaner.
My boss at school does the same thing with stick welding to jump big gaps and fill holes.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Could you use a OC stick or a ARC rod while filling with a ARC welder?
Ernie Leimkuhler wrote:
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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