FS-300 amp MIG

Ive got more migs than I can use..and this Airco PhaseAre 350..a full
300 Amp! Mig..is 3 phase. Its a georgious machine and runs very very
well. I built a cart, big tires yada yada..Ill even include a Argon
regulator. It has a nearly new Tweeco gun, good regulator etc etc etc.
$1200 OBO
This IS a 300 AMP wirefeed welder in both great operation and in great
cosmetic condition 208/380/440 AC
It will do spray transfer all day long with dual shield and 5/32
wire..so its a beasty. Aluminum..no problem. Stainless? No problem
Its been running .035 dual shield so have a handful of tips to go along
with it.
It will run from a 5hp rotary converter..but it has to struggle. If you
have 3ph, or a 10hp or bigger rotory..you are golden.
Located near Bakersfield California
Im fairly easy about the price..so will haggle downwards a bit. Got
something to trade as boot?
Ill be putting this on Craigslist in a few days..so if anyone wants
it..speak up now.
Photos will be available in the next day or two..but it IS nice and
clean, a beautiful machine.
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