Happy New Year You Old Farts

Just a little cheer for all the survivors who live on to fight another year.

May you live in interesting times...

... and work on interesting projects.

Eat Well... Laugh Often.

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Ernie Leimkuhler
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And to you, too. This year was a tough one medically, but I'm better, and working on my many projects is good for me. I hope I live another year to see many of them come true. Mainly the timber fort/observation platform/jungle Jim/swingset I'm making for the grandsons.

Live, laugh, and love. May all who enter here find the solace of a job well done.


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And the same to you ! Been an interesting year , but I'm still standing and still having a blast playing with my toys .

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Terry Coombs

And to you Sir.


"Upon Roosevelt's death in 1945, H. L. Mencken predicted in his diary that Roosevelt would be remembered as a great president, "maybe even alongside Washington and Lincoln," opining that Roosevelt "had every quality that morons esteem in their heroes.""

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Gunner Asch

Happy New Year to all. Thanks to the regular posters who keep the group alive. Also thanks to the ocaisional posters who add to the group. All of you contribute to my education and entertainment.


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