help on annealing and tempering

I am looking for a a good web page that deals with annealing and
tempering differnet metals.
Could someone post a weblink or point me in the right direction.
thank you
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acrobat ants
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This page will give all the specs for temps for quench and temper.
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on whatever material you are dealing with" eg 4130, 304, etc.
You probably want to get a textbook on metalugical materials. You need something to give you the overall feel for the subject, then use the online materials for the specific materials. Mine is "Metallurgy Theory and Practice" by Dell Allen. It's older, still available from the resellers on Amazon for a few bucks. Or jsut serach on "metallurgy"
acrobat ants wrote:
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300 series stainless steels are not heat treatable and can only be work hardened. From the work hardened state they can be fully annealed but not tempered.
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