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Ok, so I am familiar with the older HF arc starters and stabilizers ... large units, spark gaps, line inductor filters, and more. I also know about lift arc technology, but what I do not have information on is the latest and greatest in HF arc electronics that can be found in the newest of inverter style welders. Is there anyone out there who can discuss this? Also, what kind of (plastic) material is used in the hoses that carry shield gas and water. Inside the power cable, which is also the water supply, there is a cable for power to the torch head. If properly sized, is stainless steel cable good for this application? Is there any source for the type of hose fittings that are used in TIG torches? Thank you.


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the "plastic" tubes are usually a nylon.

i'm guessing a small inverter's HF (voltage and frequency) is controlled by solid state circuitry coupled into some very simple HF filters to the main lead. what exactly do you need to know about it??

as for ss as the power lead...., i suspect you need to know how it affects inductance and capacitance while under load conditions. i'm pretty sure though that if ss was any good for such the manufacturers would be using it....

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