A pocketsize and powerful welding machine, breakthrough innovation of Filipino ingenuity. We are looking for dealers and distributors, who would market this innovative product around the world. Fast moving and very saleable for its affordability and compactness. Very durable and heavy duty

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Gennard Manalili Managing Director Manalili Pressman Machinery

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Lemme see now

- So light it couldn't possibly have ANY copper in it.

- So small it couldn't possibly have ANY controls on it

- So dainty it couldn't possibly have ANY connections for cables on it

- Didn't see ANY power leads Didn't see ANY information other than a glorified

-- I'm in :)


- Regards Gordie

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The Nolalu Barn Owl

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Must be April Fool all over again. Guess this retard missed it the first time around.


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Steve B

I thought the drawer handle was a nice touch. Might as well put wheels on it while they were at it.

"Voltage is 110 * 220 * 440 auto volt."

I wonder where the heck the power goes in?

"Welding Capacity: 200 - 500 amperes"

I guess sheet metal is out of the question. At 500 Amps it should be able to easily weld material as thick as the welder. Nice trick.

I think I'll wait for the battery operated version.

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"xray" wrote

I don't know. I wouldn't feel safe having it that close to Johnson and the twins.


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Steve B

I wouldn't buy one yet. I think they are coming out with a new product, where the welder is built into the coating on the rod, so all you need is a stinger and a line cord.

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Leo Lichtman

I'd like oy see some corporate info on a corporate page instead of a lycos and geocities freebie page for non corporate users

I bet if someoen feels so >WORLDS SMALLEST WELDING MACHINE

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Brent Philion

But he must have seen the man purse thread :) "You can carry this machine anywhere you like, even in your handbag. This will make the big welding machines obsolete and would take industrial sectors by storm."

Looks like a saltwater resistor or something cleaver like that :)

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Filipino ingenuity? What's that?

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Jim Brown

I think this company needs more in the way of a marketing director. It seems that they are promoting Filipino inventors, not welders. A welder with all of the features listed could be made by upgrading a lamp dimmer to 480 volts and installing 500 amp SCRs. I will let someone else hold the carbon rod:).

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Mike Swift

If you have ever spent time with a would know. has nothing to do with welding equipment....boring and plunging yes...

"I think this is because of your belief in biological Marxism. As a genetic communist you feel that noticing behavioural patterns relating to race would cause a conflict with your belief in biological Marxism." Big Pete, famous Usenet Racist

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