maganese question.......I know nothing

I am a welder .....what do I need to know about welding
maganese...................?..I have mig tig or stick
thanks .............Frank, Nevarc Marine Everett WA
P.S. Ernie when you gonna visit my shop?
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Frank & Jenny Craven
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Do you mean a Manganese steel, or solid Manganese? Manganese steels are very common in heavy construction work. Mainly you have do a preheat and a slow cool to prevent weld cracking.
Uh....well....probably as soon as I have some spare time to drive that far north. Right now I am wrestling with a HUGE copper bar top for Van's Cafe in Seattle.
Are you buying lunch?
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Ernie Leimkuhler
In addition to others advice, you need to realize that ANY work with manganese is potentially hazardous to your health unless you take proper precautions. Use plenty of ventilation and keep your head out of the smoke plume. Read the manufacturer's MSDS and protect yourself.
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Phil Thomas
Yes lunch will be on me~~!! I am not sure of what the customer has to be repaired yet . He is bringing me some scraps ..I will keep you informed
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Frank & Jenny Craven

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