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I went down to Big Lots today to see what cheep disposable tools they had for the people to cheep to buy their tools and you know they will try to keep them or break them... I found some 11"locking c-clamps for 2.99 all I found was 8 now there are non.... I think I was a post or pics from Ernie ? on buying cheep clamps for jigs or welding parts on to. Thought I would buy them up for the same reason when I get deeper into welding or use them for wood working..

Just thought I would drop a heads up incase you have a Big Lots or another Cheep discount store.


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Don D.
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I always buy REAL Visegrip brand visegrips. I get really mangled ones at the junk stores of Boeing Surplus and have my way with them.

The few Taiwanese visegrips I have bought have all died and been tossed out in short order.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Moles are OK too (if you're in the UK).

I don't mind them _breaking_. What hacks me of is when you have some monstrously complex lash-up of a jigged weld, then one of the cheap visegrips decides to fall off.

My last cheapo visegrip found itself beaten to death with an 8lb sledgehammer. There wasn;t anything more wrong with it than the day I bought it, but never again will it have the chance to piss me off and mess up my welding.

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Andy Dingley

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