question about TIG advice from Miller website

At the Miller site under "TIG Tips" they give the following advice:
"Keep the torch cable from contacting any grounded metal."
Why oh why? They say this under the heading "What can I do to improve
arc starting?". First I've heard of this, and I thought I was well
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my guess is that high frequency high voltage starting current needs to go through the electrode, not through torch cabe insulation to metal.
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Thats correct iggy, HF will escape everywhere and anywhere it can. Thats why the grounding instructions in a tig machine installation manual seem like they should be for building a nucleur sub.
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And it becomes more important as the arc points, that act as a voltage regulator(clamp), pit and provide higher and higher voltage.
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Ignoramus6528 wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn
Note that the HF doesn't need to punch thru the insulation. It can also capacitively couple to ground because it is of radio frequency. (That's why they call it HF)
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Don Foreman

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