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> > I cut the toes out of my old socks and I slide my hand into them so they > > cover my wrist. I tig weld and I wear white cotton gloves , but my > sleeves > > would get uncovered and burn the sh#@ out of my wrist . This is a easy > fix. > > > > > > Or just wear longer gloves :) You must have sensitive skin, I can go > without a glove on my left hand (wire feed hand) all day long above 120amps > and not get burned. > I have few pairs of gloves I also mix and match them to what I am doing,

and I keep my heavy old one's for extra hot pieces, also use heavy gloves when I use a belt sander or heavy grinding, in fact I have no short gloves at all! I have nice thin cowhide ones, one's that are mix of rough leath with thin cow hide, regular rough ones and heavy insulated one's, rubberized ones for outdoors, when its raining or damp, constant over heat to your hands may lead to problems down the road your cooking them slowly, if my gloves too hot I toss them off, I recall a guy who was welding 30" pipe adapters on a rotator with .045 flux core and he could feel the heat running into the back of his wrist through his glove and grinned and bared it, untill the weld was complete, when he took his glove off, his watched had melted into his skin Ouch! If I doing this type of work, I 'll place anothor old glove to the area that is going to get heated and keep the back of the glove off my skin this lessens the heat transfer by using the air in the glove as a medium

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