Scrap Oxygen tanks

Does anyone know of a source of scrap oxygen tanks in the Seattle area. The wife saw a bell made from what looked like a high pressure tank and now wants one. Thanks Glenn

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Hey, do it! From the sound of it, you can get all you could ever want. I haven't (yet) done in one of those but I've used out-of-date propane tanks for several things including

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You can often get a new propane tank on sale for less the cost of a refurbishing.


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Ted Edwards

Check with Central Welding on 4th Ave. in Georgetown.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

"Leo Lichtman" wrote in news:TVvVa.79046$

There are some subtleties to hydrostatic testing.

The actual test is something like:

fill tank with water and measure volume.

Increase pressure to 5/3 working pressure. The steel tank WILL expand so an additional volume of water must be added to the tank to reach this pressure.

Release pressure and measure NEW volume of tank.

To pass the test the new volume must be no more than 110% of the original volume.

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A problem arises when a tank has been handled roughly. It is possible for the tank to be dented. The pressure from the test may push out the dent and increase the final volume beyond the limit. But the tank may then pass a second test.

This problem was initially encountered with SCUBA tanks. They are made as light as possible and are more easily dented than commercial tanks.

If you like you might want to select a "failed" tank that is fairly new and have it tested. It just may pass.

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Dev Null

Here ya go

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tanks are 'really' tested...


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Rush Dougherty

geoff (Geoff M) wrote in news:

This issue has also been resolved with SCUBA tanks by tumbling.

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