There's one born every minute!

I went to an auction in Fredrick Wisconsin today and I thought that I had fell into A Harbor Freight store. The old boy who passed on had more HF tools than I could count and most of them were unused. I scored A Central Machinery Bead Roller for 5 bucks and I pulled A Toro vacuum/blower out of the dumpster that looked new and it ran fine. I think one of the ring men was going to pull A fast one and ditched it there until after the auction was over when he would retrieve it. I bet he was surprised when he found it gone! There was A 5 HP lawn mower in there also but was too heavy for me to remove alone. Looked near new. The sucker of the day was the guy that bought the Chicago Electric Mig #94164 with no tank for 325 bucks! It's in HF's fathers day flyer for

199.99! Oops! at least he got A nice cart with it and didn't have to pay sales tax.

H.R. "The most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity."

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