Tig add on ?

Is it possible (or wise) to add on a TIG setup to a Lincoln AC/DC 220/125 Amp, 'tombstone' 240 v. welder?

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Based on a recommendation from Ernie Leimkuhler, I purchased an add-on from the Tig Depot

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about 1½ years ago. Works fine for what I need, works good on aluminum.

Advantages: low initial cost, easy hookup. You will need to buy a high frequency add-on to get much use out of it, based on my experience.

Disadvantages: No current control while welding, none of the bells and whistles you'd enjoy with the $1500-3000 units.

If your use will be mainly thin metal, I don't see how you can go wrong. Sure, I'd love to step up to a bigger unit, but I simply can't justify it at this time.

del my '34 Ford Project:

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